The widespread success of Instagram is undeniable, from famous actors to your grandmother, everyone has an Instagram account and posts pictures daily.

Instagram’s main feature is sharing pictures with millions of users – whether it’s a snapshot of your cats or a professional photograph taken for your business – you want your posts to look as great as possible with the aim of acquiring a large amount of followers.

Although Instagram has wide variety of filters and image retouching features, the app’s capabilities are still lacking certain characteristics of professional photo-editing software.

Thousands of 3rd party apps currently flood the market, each one advertised as the best photo-editing software, featuring hundreds of filters, brushes and techniques to improve the quality of your photographs. However, professional photographers and millions of users are clamoring Snapseed as the best app available, are they right about this claim?

Snapseed – Professional Photograph Editor for Mobiles

Available as a free app for Android and iOS, Snapseed is a complete suite of high quality tools that can elevate any photograph you take to professional value.

Intuitive and Accessible, Snapseed’s design allows anyone to tweak their photos in a matter of minutes, but professionals recommend taking your time to learn the interface and each tool’s potential before you start editing.

Amongst the suite of tools available, you can “Enhance a Photo” automatically with just a couple touches, or manually adjust the picture’s many values and options.

There’s a broad range of other tools: rotating, changing the perspective, transforming, retouching, framing, and adding several dozens of filters to your photos.

With more than 50 million downloads in Google Play and over 750.000 positive reviews, users all over the world are using Snapseed as their main photo editing software.

Instagram and Snapseed – A Perfect Match

One of the main appeals of Instagram is following people and organizations of different niches, but no matter what kind of content you’re looking for, the most followed users are those who publish high quality content.

Since Instagram posts are mostly photos, users need to find a way to make their photographs look the best they can and the easiest way to achieve this is through Snapseed.

Thanks to its powerful capabilities, professional artists are posting incredible photos on their feeds, making stunning displays that captivate more followers and create an excellent reputation of high quality content.

Artists who post their works of art on Instagram can easily take a photo, edit it quickly in Snapseed, and post an outstanding piece of their last piece in just a matter of minutes.

Businesses thriving in Instagram display their products in the highest quality available, showcasing only the best features and angles of their photographs – this is only possible through photo editing software like Snapseed.

“I’m not a professional, I just want better pictures!”

Don’t be intimidated by Snapseed’s high standards and professional reviews – its current interface is user-friendly and highly intuitive, anyone can quickly benefit from Snapseed’s powerful tools.

If you’re sharing personal photographs with your friends and family, you’ll be able to share better quality pictures or edit those details you don’t like – receiving praise after editing a group photo that everyone will love.

However, keep in mind that achieving professional looking photos require experience with the app, you’ll benefit from the easy to use tools but some things will require time with the app.

Professional Photo Editing for Everyone

Whether you’re a professional looking to improve the quality of your posts in Instagram or just looking to quickly edit your photos before sharing it with your friends, Snapseed is the best available option in the market.

It’s free to download for Android and iOS devices, and offers a myriad of powerful tools that will enhance all of your photos on the go, just like professional editing software does in a desktop PC.