The partnership that happened between Iridium Communications and Lindsey Manufacturing is something that the entire industry is talking about right now because it does signal a clear increase in the services of both companies.

Lindsey Manufacturing is specialized in ERS (Emergency Restoration Systems), DLR (Dynamic Line Rating) and TLM (Transmission Line Monitors) technologies. This is applied to the major companies that handle utility transmission. The partnership is unique and is also highly useful for Iridium since the company manages to increase the footprint it has at the moment in utility transmission. We are basically looking at integrating satellite communications into analytic solutions for transmission line monitoring.


Lindsey Manufacturing is specialized in monitoring the behavior of power lines. This normally relies on a cellular connectivity. The company recently launched SMARTLINE, a software solution that manages to drastically enhance the traditional DLR methods that are used by utility companies. As a result, accurate and reliable measurement capabilities are now available. Power line capacity management becomes easier and the utility companies manage to practically maximize what the power grid can offer.

The partnership signed allows Lindsey to use the network that Iridium has. The advanced technology and software solutions offered are put in place through the Iridium 9603 modem. Such an integrated device is attached to high voltage conductors. Then it stores data in the cloud or on a server that belongs to the serviced company.

Basically, because of the partnership signed by Lindsey Manufacturing and Iridium Communications, utility service providers now manage to easily access a way to quickly analyze what is happening with power lines. Data is quickly stored and then accessed in seconds. Because of the use of Iridium’s proprietary communications technology and the SMARTLINE DLR tech by Lindsey, we are faced with highly accurate measurements and a monitoring that is truly real-time, which was not the case till now. Reporting can happen every single hour or every single week, based on the needs of the utility company.

Even Better Future Services Offered

The current state of the partnership is already highly beneficial for clients but we should highlight that the future might be even brighter. Iridium is right now replacing the LEO (low Earth orbit) satellite network with numerous new satellites. The project is known as Iridium NEXT. We are practically looking at a huge technology refresh that is going to drastically increase the capabilities of services offered by Iridium. Obviously, this is also going to make the services offered by Lindsey Manufacturing even better in the future.

Final Thoughts

The economy is changing and when looking at power suppliers, we are looking at a need to keep costs down. This is impossible without monitoring and high-quality modern technology being used. Partnerships like this one between Iridium Communications and Lindsey Manufacturing brings in faster reporting and allows distribution companies to maximize the power output, all while minimizing loses. If changes are needed, this is quickly identified. Such technology can only be beneficial for everyone involved in the process.