Harley Davidson is a motor company founded in 1903 by Arthur Davidson and William Harley. Its headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S but the company also has subsidiaries in different countries who mainly specialize in manufacturing of motorcycles.

The company has over 100years worth of experience in the motorcycle business, and the following are ten reasons why you should invest in a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  1. Harleys are known for their ever-improving quality and excellent performance bikes. Over the years they’ve made improvements in their designs yet have managed to be consistent with quality and their extraordinary engine strength.
  2. The overall design of the motorcycle ensures that the riders are comfortable. The deep bucket seat design compliments the coziness of the bike which also provides support to the thighs. This feature makes sure you don’t feel fatigued even when you ride for long distances.
  3. Offers a wide range of quality bikes to choose from which are tailored to meet your needs. They come in different designs and models to suit people from all walks of life, so you are sure to get one that matches your style.
  4. Harleys are high-end bikes and portray a right image. The company boasts of making some of the most iconic bikes on the roads and as a result, owning or riding on one of these bikes offers you an unforgettable experience.
  5. Harley Davidson motorcycles are available in almost all corners of the planet making repairs and purchase of accessories very convenient. These bikes are also heavier hence they are very stable on the road.
  6. Apart from the bike’s distinctive look, they also have a unique engine roar and vibrations through their pipes which can be heard way before you get to see the approaching +bike. As a buyer, you are eligible to take pride in being part of this unique experience.
  7. Great value for your money, the price range depends on the make and model you intend to purchase but overall the experience of owning or riding the Harley Davidson motorcycles is said to be worthwhile. The resale price of a well maintained Harley’s bike is also excellent which makes this a worthy investment for the customers.
  8. Harley Davidson is one of the companies that take its environmental responsibilities seriously. By cleaning up their past contaminations and working towards protection of the human health and the environment, they rid their conscious customers of worry.
  9. You will attain membership with Harley Davidson clubs such as Hailey’s owners’ group (Hog) where you will meet new friends from all over the world. You will also be allowed to attend events organized by the club, and most importantly members get exclusive benefits of being owners.
  10. Reward brand loyalty with some of the most coveted items being their branded leather jackets, biker boots, gloves, and t-shirts. These items can also be purchased by those who cannot afford a Hailey’s but wish to show their enthusiasm.


Harley Davidson is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers and has made milestones when it comes to consistency and creating a good name for itself. If reliability and performance have been a problem for you before regarding motorcycles, you should definitely look into investing a Harley Davidson motorcycles.