Finding great employees that perfectly fit company culture while contributing to the organization is a great opportunity and a huge challenge. After you find great employees, you want to keep them but this is only the case when recruitment is done right from the start. Investing in the recruitment phase is really important so here are some tips you want to consider from the experience of ShiftPixy, a top application that helps businesses find quality workforce.

Improve The Candidate Pool

The companies that select employees solely from those that come in or that answer online ads can miss out on the very best candidates. In most cases the best staff is actually employed somewhere else and might not even look for new jobs. Improving the current candidate pool can be done in different ways, with the following being important:

  • Invest the needed time to develop relationships with recruiters, executive search firms and university placement offices.
  • Allow the staff members to participate in conferences and professional associations since candidates can be met there.
  • Look at online job boards to identify candidates with an online resume although they might not look for work at the moment.
  • Find potential employees with the use of LinkedIn and the other relevant social media networks based on the industry the company operates in.

Basically, you should build a candidate pool before it is actually needed.

Go For The Sure Thing

One of the important things when hiring an employee is to find someone that is as close as possible to what you need now. This is basically because past behavior is a really good predictor of the expected future behavior. When you hire someone that did the same job, in the industry in a similar business climate and comes from a firm that has a similar organizational culture, there is a huge possibility that work done will be very good. Training new candidates is also a possibility but if you can find someone that is already a perfect fit, why not take advantage?

Check For Potential Candidates That Are Already Employed

Current employees have to be the very first talent pools you take into account. Promoting internally can boost morale while making the current employees feel that capabilities, accomplishments and talents are actually appreciated. Positions should be internally posted first. Only when you cannot find a suitable candidate already employed you can start looking somewhere else.

The potential candidates should go through an interview. You get to know them a lot better. At the same time, the candidate will learn about organization needs and goals. In many cases a really good fit can be found between the needs the business has and the needs the employee has.

Be A Good Employer

Last but not least, your reputation as an employer is really important when attracting talent. This does imply that you let others know you are a great employer. Have a reward system in place so you can reward those that perform really well. The employees should brag about the organization as a really good place to work for.