Unfortunately, we all live in a world where a lot of us can become victims of crime and fraud.  You may be surprised to find out that over fifty percent of fraud is now committed online.  We use the internet for various different things in our day to day lives, we check our bank accounts, we do our shopping, we share our information and this is why it is so important to protect yourself online.  There are many ways to do this and just like Secure Channels Inc.  it is important to be able to see potential threats and determine how they may affect you.  Below I have included some great ways to secure your information and personal data online.


Starting off with the most obvious form of protecting that we use on a day to day basis.  We all tend to use passwords that mean something to us, whether it is a favourite pet, place of birth or mother’s maiden name.  This works well for memory but the passwords don’t tend to be very complex which can lead to fraudsters guessing them based on information you already have online (social media accounts).  Try to make your passwords as complex as possible, try not to use the same password more than once and it will make it near impossible for fraudsters to guess them.


Receiving fraudulent emails is a threat that all of us are exposed to all of the time.  Fraudulent emails are used by scammers to gain access to your personal information or credit card details.  It is so important to be extremely careful when responding or opening emails in your account.  Scammers tend to disguise these emails as emails from reputable companies, they will urge you to click an attachment or even enter you card details for a once in a lifetime offer.  If you are ever unsure on the authenticity of an email from a reputable company, give them a call, question it, there is no such thing as being too careful.


I think that we all agree that pop-ups online are extremely annoying but they can also make you extremely vulnerable.  You need to be careful when closing the pop-ups, scammers can use fake close options which instantly gives them access to your computer.  When a scammer has access to your computer, they not only have access to your personal information, they can take control.  There has been a lot of cases where scammers can lock your computer and demand a fee for you to regain access.

Using an Antivirus

As there are various dangers online, it is extremely important to use a good antivirus to protect yourself.  Do frequent scans of your computer to check for any dangerous malware or viruses and remove them

Be Careful

You can never guarantee complete safety online, scammers are always evolving and will look for new ways to access your information.  Stay on top of the trends and don’t be nervous to question anything.  Be careful and enjoy the internet as you are supposed to!