From the outside looking in, the life of a pilot appears to be incredibly cool, dressing up smart, gaining respect from everyone around you, earning big bucks and taking to the skies on a regular basis, but is this actually the case. We spoke with Scott Beale aviation expert on what a pilot’s life is really like. Scott Beale has been working in aviation for companies such as ADI for a very long time and is not only considered an expert in aviation but also a highly successful entrepreneur within aviation companies. Scott Beale may not be a professional pilot, be he knows more than enough to offer some insight into what their lives are really like.

Rest Management

One of the biggest challenges which plots face is learning how best to manage themselves in terms of work vs rest. There are an incredible amount of strict laws on how much pilots can work and how much they should rest in between work patterns, in order for them to be at their best when they are flying. This is complicated even more by the fact that pilots face the challenge of different time zones, and adapting themselves accordingly.


What I loved about what Scott told me when talking about the pilots, was just how amazed many of them are when they are doing their job. I would have thought that after a while the novelty would have worn off but Scott tells me that most pilots who he speaks to are still in love with birds-eye views of a city at night, sunsets and sun-rises, gliding through clouds and witnessing incredible electrical storms. As far as cool jobs go, they don’t get much better than this, and even the pilots know it.

Attention to Detail

Pilots must spend a great amount of their time making checks, checks which ensure that the plane does what it is supposed to, and checks which ensure that people’s lives are not at risk. Beyond just flying the plane itself, pilots must make pre and post flight checks, which are very lengthy. Pilots must compile weather reports, they must file flight plans, they also must ensure that every aspect of the plane is fully checked to ensure its success. All pilots must pay attention to every details and be incredibly thorough with their checks.

Frustrating and Delightful

When it comes to visiting spectacular destinations, this can be a blessing and a curse for many pilots. Firstly it can be amazing because they have the chance to visit incredible places as part of their job. Unfortunately however, this can also be incredibly frustrating for many pilots because there are many times when they simply cannot see these places, because they must go to a hotel and rest ahead of their next flight.

Scott Beale’s overall conclusion is yes, being a pilot is the cool job which we all think that it is, but it is also a lot tougher than many of us give it credit for.