Whenever talking about movies, those that are considered to be really hard to watch tend to be about foreign or domestic politics. The truth is that the movies that have politics as a major subject end up wearing watchers down. This is possible in various ways, including socially, physically, psychologically and emotionally. While life is hard to deal with as it is, looking scathing political drama or satire tends to make it even worse.

In the event that you love powerful cinema, you are interested in politics or you are just a movie buff, there is a pretty big possibility you will appreciate the movies that have political themes. Usually, the problem is to know where to start. There is definitely no shortage of available movies out there but what should you choose. Crystal Clanton chose some that are considered to be classics. These are some that you absolutely need to see if you want to watch movies with political topics.

The Manchurian Candidate – 1962 version

This is a movie that has it all, including the Cold War, assassinations, the Korean War, brainwashing and sleeper agents. The cast is also simply outstanding. To make matters even more interesting, Angela Lansbury delivers a stellar performance you will always remember.


The movie was released over 20 years ago and back then it was incredibly innovative. It covers a politician that is free of lobbyists. Bulworth shows how people end up thinking that they receive exactly what they want when the truth is that everything is just a really elaborate con.

All The President’s Men

This Oscar material movie is one that leaves its mark. There are not many that watched it and that are not impressed. This is quite something in a world filled with critics.


This movie deals with another type of politics, high-school politics. Obviously, you are tempted to believe that this is not a big deal but what is presented can only be described as being utterly ruthless. Election offers a great mix of drama, heart and dark humor. The movie is great even in the event that you just want to see a regular killer movie.


This is a movie that presents the seventies in a really dark way, including showcasing tension over different LGBTQ rights. We are talking about the story of a highly interesting political figure, one of the most iconic in the country, together with the chain of events that led to the demise.


Would citizens realize that an imposter is presented as being the President? This is exactly the premise that is explored by the movie, together with what it would be like when a regular person becomes president.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

The only thing that can be said about this movie and that does it justice is: this is one of the best movies ever made. It is simply genius, a work of art.

If you want to watch some great political movies, start with those above. They are exquisite.