Gray squirrels are very resilient creatures, as we know they have helped reduce the number of red squirrels all over the world. Once they have set their heart on your house or yard they will try their best to stay there.

If they have decided that they want access to your property they are very adept at eating their way through any material you put down, in order to gain access to your home. This is what can make the task of keeping them out very tiresome and monotonous. Do not worry however as the superstars at Baystate Wildlife, animal control experts can help you. They will not give up until the job is done.

Baystate Wildlife will offer advice such as not leaving that saucer of milk out for the cat and block up those holes you have been aware of but have not got around to fixing. Move those bird feeders to the corner of your yard so that only the birds can get to them.

There are products on the market that will allow you to tackle the problem yourself, devices that make high frequency sounds or mothballs will work for a little while and scare the squirrels away but then the animals will become desensitized to the noise or smell  and they will thus therefore stop being a preventative measure. The sprays that you can find in the stores can sometimes poison the animals which is very inhumane. This is why you need to contact the experts at Baystate Wildlife as they will get rid of these animals for you in the most humane way possible.

Professional companies such as Baystate Wildlife will have come across this problem many times before. They will be up to speed with all of the latest equipment and gadgets that are used to get rid of these pests without having to kill them.

The other great point about Baystate Wildlife is that all of their staff are extremely friendly. They are approachable, honest and will treat both you and the animal with the utmost courtesy. They are adept at dealing with all sorts of animals and infestations from cockroaches to slugs, ants or rodents. No job is too little or too small and they really appreciate the effect that these infestations can have on their clients and this is why they offer excellent customer service. They appreciate that their customer already has enough to deal with and the last thing that they want to do is add to this problem. This is the reason why Baystate Wildlife gets consistently positive reviews with ratings of five stars, on Social Media sites such as Facebook. The reviews consistently refer to how friendly approachable, efficient and professional the associates at Baystate Wildlife were. They comment not only on their excellent animal control prowess but also about how they are so incredibly friendly and make you feel at ease, almost as if you were talking to someone who you had known for years.

So, don’t wait until the problem has got out of hand and you can no longer cope! Just call Baystate Wildlife today.