Working out is an increasingly popular way to stay in shape and help stay healthy. More and more people now are hitting the gym or exercising at home to keep fit. As the general knowledge around exercise and its importance to a long life broadens, you may be fitting a workout in a few times a week.

To get the most out of your workouts though, you need to be doing more than just killing time at the gym or going through the motions.

Get the best out of your workouts

If you have been exercising for a while, then it is easy to reach a plateau. Even for beginners, it is worth knowing about how to really squeeze all that you can from each exercise session. Here are some great hacks for doing just that.

Use compression wear

This tip is all to do with the clothing that you wear during and after your workout session. Compression wear has long been used by professional athletes for its ability to not only boost performance when working out but also help with muscle recovery afterwards. The recovery aspect is essential as it allows you to eliminate any discomfort and be raring to go at your next session.

There are lots of compression wear garments from which to choose. Many female gym-goers love compression stockings for women for the improved performance that they give – Tommie Copper stockings are one of the best on the market.

Mix strength and cardio  

When you begin to work out, you will most likely keep your strength training and cardio training separate. As you progress though, a great way to get the most from your workout is to actually mix them a little. You could lift some weights for the strength element and then use a 30-second sprint as a cardio interval. This helps your body to train in different ways and build different types of muscle strength.

Consider compound exercises

Another great workout hack that you might like to try is to incorporate compound exercises into it. This sees you working on exercises that hit multiple muscle groups when you do them, rather than just one. These are far more effective and also help get more from your workout as you have more time to spend on other things. Exercises such as squats and deadlifts are great examples of this.

Train with a friend

If you want help to make your workout the best that it can be, then why not bring a friend? It has been shown that training with a friend can help you work more and train harder, which gets more out of it for you. This is down to the extra motivation that having someone else there gives, as well as making it more social for you.

Get the most from your workout sessions

Getting all that you can from your workout sessions is worthwhile. It will not only keep you motivated and eager to exercise but also give improved results. By working out in different ways, it stops your body getting used to the same exercises. Try out a few of the above tips and see just what a difference it makes!