I spend a great deal of time with young students who have a variety of dreams when it comes to what career they will do when they are older. In light of this I like to have chats with professionals to find out a little more about their positions, in order to share the most accurate picture of a certain career that I can. It was for this reason that I was able to speak to the engaging Dr. Ryan Shephard, an orthopedic surgeon who works in Gaylord, Michigan. I asked Dr. Shephard about many aspects of his job but we spent most time discussing what is it about the job which he loves so much. Here is what the good doctor shared with me about his career in orthopedics.

 What Got Him Into Orthopedics?

 Dr. Ryan tells me that from a very young age he was fascinated by the musculoskeletal system because of the fact that his grandmother and his younger brother too both had issues which were cured by an orthopedic surgeon. Unlike many people, Dr. Shephard knew from the outset that his services would be needed in this area of medicine and he dedicated his education and then his life to this end.

 What He Loves Most?

 As you could well imagine it is the success stories that Dr. Ryan tells me that he loves most about his job, especially when it comes to the children. Dr. Shephard’s favorite aspect of the job is when he works within pediatrics, and he tells me that the attitude of the kids is what charges his batteries and keeps him going. Whilst all patients may be optimistic, Ryan tells me about the spirit of the young children and just how inspirational it can be, even in the face of a very serious illness or ailment. The doctor goes on to tell me about how he manages to stay relaxed despite his high pressure job, and he talks about the attitude of these kids as being one of the main reasons that he stays relaxed and focused. To support this he muses on a story of a young boy who arrested on the operating theater and was brought back, only to be found Googling ‘cardiac arrest’ just two days later to see what had happened!

 Other Favorite Parts of the Job?

 Another respect of the job which he tells me that he loves so much is the advancement of new strategies and techniques which help him to do his job to a higher ability. Dr. Shephard is happiest when he is sat at home studying new medical procedures and treatments within his field. He tells me that his studying is what makes him feel in control, and when he is in control he is at his most relaxed and at his absolute best.

 Would you like to follow a career in orthopedics like Dr. Shephard?