We live in a world where everyone who has a smartphone, has a camera and has photo editing software readily available to them. This is something which has generally changed the opinions and the abilities of many when it comes to taking photographs, especially when we think about how much emphasis we put on our photographs which we then place on social media. I was catching up with my good friend and professional photographer Charles Nucci last week, discussing whether or not the professional photographer is an endangered species. His view is that it certainly isn’t, and here are just a few reasons he gave as to why.


Professional wedding photography is still big business and this is one of the most popular reasons why people will use professional photographers. The logistics of trying to take wedding photos yourself or through a friend are simply too difficult as you want them to be enjoying the day with you. Additionally, having a professional photographer means that people can capture the most memorable day of their lives with high quality images, which are perfectly edited, something which many of us struggle to really grasp. Finally the shots that the photographer takes when nobody is looking are some of the best, they capture raw emotion that can only be seen through the eyes of a pro.

Product Marketing

In both traditional advertising and online advertising, photos are very powerful tools which can be used to evoke a reaction from potential customers. This means that there is a huge call for professionals to take photos of products, doing so in a way that will spark a reaction from those viewing the images. Professional photographers perfectly understand light/dark balance, color strength, saturation, background organization and essentially, how to make a product look at its very best. Given the fact that marketing is about showcasing a product, it makes sense that marketing companies and businesses would look to use professionals for the best results.


Journalism has changed a great deal since the dawn of the internet, and given the fact that anyone who has a smartphone can snap a live event taking place, it could be easy to think that professional journalistic photographers are no longer required. The truth is however that both print and digital media outlets want the very best photos, taken at the opportune moment and of the highest quality, and that does not look like it is going to change any time soon. In order to get these shots taken, newspapers and media companies must use the very best professional shots, if they want to keep selling newspapers and magazines. There has been tight competition in this industry since before the smartphone era, and that is because of the high quality that is required, this means that someone with an iPhone and an editing app is unlikely to ever take the place of the professionals.