Pencapaian Anak

Izzah Pandai Melukis!

Nah… just kidding! My baby has not yet master the art of drawing but she has started to like it!! Just have a look at her very first art. Tada!

Art by Izzah

Quite impressive for a 16 months old baby, isn’t it?

Eventhough it’s just a meaningless scribbles, but it was a good start. She’s learning to use a pencil and paper now. I mean she really knows that pencil is to be used on paper (not on her cloth, palm, floor, face or wall….ha..ha..).

Well, I already bought her some drawing books, crayons and coloring pencils. But, I think I will not let her use all that as yet. It’s best to let her learn grasping the pencil correctly first.

Baby is as curious as a cat. They want to know more and more while exploring things around them.

Arts is not an exception. We should encourage our baby to explore and learn arts as this will stimulate their right brain (inspire creative thinking).

It’s is okay to become DIRTY in the process. Don’t let the mess stop you from giving your baby the freedom to explore their creativity.

Anyway, that’s a natural trait of being a baby. They get dirty in learning anything (eating, drinking, drawing, writing etc). Dirty splashes all over the places (and you!) comes with the learning package…muah..ha


Your baby also is entitled to some loving appreciations from you. Well, the artwork might not be as grand as Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. But, it deserved to be appreciated as well. It’s your child’s work!

I remember having interest in drawing human illustration when I was like 7 years old. I was good actually in drawing. But, I didn’t get the deserved appreciation and support from my parents (not their fault of being ignorant). Eventually, my drawing skills get faded as I grew older. Well, I still love to draw but not as creative or beautiful as those who have been doing it for life.

So, the point is… let your child be a child. Give them freedom, tools and support to unleash their art skills.

Who knows, someday your child would become a prominent painter like Leonardo da Vinci? Yes, anything is possible!

The Little Climber

Sejak dah dapat kaki (read: boleh berjalan) nih, asyik nak memanjat je la si Izzah ni. Jumpa je halangan, mesti panjat. Termasuklah badan mama dan babah dia yang tengah baring…ho..ho.