Cities in the U.S.

The craze over cannabis has been increasingly growing over the past decade, and it will continue to do so. Similar to the world of craft beer, cannabis cultivation is becoming something of an artform. Growing potent plants that produce dense green buds covered in sticky crystals and purple hues is nothing short of art.

The need for weed has been hitting certain areas of the world harder than others, the United States in particular. We all know Americans love to smoke weed, but more are taking it a step further. Americans are turning to growing their own bud, and not just to avoid the high dispensary prices in the legalized cities. Growing cannabis can also be a fun hobby and intense passion.

If you are American and hoping to grow a few plants, your best bet is to plant some cannabis in your backyard. Depending on where you live in the States, outdoor weed cultivation can produce some amazing “art” based on average rainfall, sunshine, temperature, population, and laws. Here are the best cities in the U.S. to start growing outdoor marijuana plants.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is known for more than just country music. It also has one of the best climates in the country for weed growing. It doesn’t stay warm enough all year long for growing, but springtime offers the perfect conditions. Average sunshine per year is around 60% and precipitation is at 48 inches. The number of residents who have gotten in trouble for outdoor growing is extremely low.

Sacramento, California

At almost 80% sunshine per year, Sacramento is another ideal cannabis cultivation hotspot. The average temperature is around 75 degrees, which is the optimal temp for your plants. Be careful though, even though medical weed is legal it is still illegal to grow your own plants for recreational purposes in Cali.

Louisville, Kentucky

There’s not much going on in Kentucky, but one thing definitely is going on….growing outdoor weed! Many Kentuckians in the city of Louisville and the surrounding area are realizing that the climate in this state is perfect for cannabis. The sun shines about 60% of the year and there is about 45 inches of rainfall annually. And the best part is that not many people get in trouble for their outdoor plants.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the most culturally historical places in the country, and it is also one of the best places to grow weed outside. Sunshine rates come in at 55% annually and rainfall each year is around 43 inches. Since the population is dense in Atlanta, however, there are more seizures of outdoor plants than average around the country.

All Americans should keep in mind that we are not in the same boat as Canadians. Unlike Canada who has legalized recreational marijuana throughout the country, the American federal  government has yet to legalize weed.

Canadians can easily apply for an ACMPR license for medical growing rights, but this is not the case for residents of the United States. Maybe one day, but Americans still need to be weary of the laws surrounding cannabis.