Have you had an opportunity to really experience the vibrant capital of Texas? If  the answer is yes, what weird things did you discover? You may have walked into random places, but not yet encountered the unique attractions that will make you miss Austin, Texas over and over!

Here are a number of unusual things that you must do to have that unforgettable experience, we remembered to include all those unique features in the same.

  • Tour The Haunted Limo

Ghost Haunted Limo tours are a wonder. You will find it more and more exciting to take the mobile tour. Cadillac hearse is the most exciting means to move around the ghost hunters.

It is the perfect means to take you around multiple historic places and experience the paranormal activities. Little field House and Driskill Hotel in Texas are among the amazing places that you should never miss to explore during your tour there.

  • Take a visit to The Hamilton Pool

The striking beauty of this natural pool is the reason why it is currently receiving thousands of people from all over the world. It is a perfect retreat center a result of water erosion thousands of years ago.

Though individuals are not allowed to swim, The Hamilton pool is very popular for being a unique natural wonder. To make early reservations, book for a tour online through Parks Department of the Travis County.

  • Walk along the Mayfield Park

Your tour is never complete if you do not visit this amazing site. From the city center, Mayfield Park is located 6 miles to the North West.

What are the substantive features that make it look weird?

It is a 21-acre evergreen garden with meandering tour paths around the patches of lily ponds that maintain the beauty of the site even from afar. Here, you will find dozens of beautiful peacocks walking freely around.

The peacocks were introduced at the park in 1935 by some visitors. The peacocks then multiplied to several hundred which today contribute to the ever growing beauty of the Mayfield Park.

  • Going to the historic Cathedral of junk

The Austin suburbs are home to one of the most impressive structure, the Cathedral of junk. It is a multilevel and multiunit structure that has become iconic over the years for having all types of junk. It is a unique place of worship that has amazing scenes.

What makes it unique?

The Cathedral of junk is an eccentric attraction consisting of backyard evergreen vegetation. It also has lawn mower wheels, crutches, car bumpers and road signs. Many people visit the place and you cannot tour it before making a prior appointment.

  • Bat watching

Do you find it fun watching the bats? Or would you be intrigued by the thought of doing it? The Congress Avenue Bridge is the world’s largest urban colony which hosts 1.5 million free tailed bats. Between March and November, the bats are seen at the bridge’s crevasses, which serves as their hide out after migrating from Mexico.

The natural phenomenon of their migration is amazing. Capital Cruises and Lone Star Riverboat will tour you along the bridge where you will have a clear view of the bats preparing to make their nighty flights. The bats always make their preparations at dusk.